Interior by Maurice Maeterlinck (1862-1949)
a Young Vic production directed by Christopher Heimann

'They believe that nothing will happen to them because they have closed their doors.'

A young girl has drowned. Her body is carried home. The village is in mourning. So why does her family seem unmoved?
Interior is filled with hesitant figures, guarded whispers and our deepest fears. Maurice Maeterlinck won the Nobel Prize for literature in 1911. His rarely performed plays, which include Pelleas and Melisande, The Intruder and The Blue Bird, established him as a major innovator and a leader of the symbolist movement.

'I longed to leap on to the stage and yell "Stop!", in a futile attempt to prevent the inexorable slide from happiness to despair.' * * * *
The Guardian

'This production is like watching a bullet fly in slow motion.'

Time Out London

Lydia Baksh
Sean Campion
Louisa Clein
Zoe Crowder
Pip Donaghy
Simon Gregor
Jane Guernier

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